SCHEUFER es200 E-Scooter with road approval

The SCHEUFER es200 including road approval guarantees you enormous driving pleasure thanks to the powerful 350W motor with a speed of up to 20 km/h, the operating radius of up to approx. 35 km. It has an electric brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear, 8.5 inch tyres, bell, LED headlights and brake light, as well as a digital display. Furthermore, it is easy to use. It can be folded up in one step and is therefore ideal for transport, e.g. on the underground or when travelling by bus. The SCHEUFER E-Scooter stands for high speed with great driving comfort and maximum safety, making it the perfect companion for your everyday life.

Klapp & Go:

Strong yet light. The stable frame is made of aluminium from aeronautical engineering.

This makes the SCHEUFER E-Scooter stable and yet light. The SCHEUFER E-scooter can be quickly and easily folded and reassembled due to its construction.

Technical details




36V, 40 pcs LG2600 cell, 10.4Ah


270W (Nominal power), 470W(Max.)

Charging time


Speed max. 20 km/h




8.5 inch maintenance free rubber tyres

Brake type

Electric (front wheel); Disc brake (rear wheel)

Maximum weight

100 kg


13.4 kg

Technical Overview


With its 350W motor it reaches 20km/h. This e-scooter has 2 speed modes, an energy saving mode (maximum speed 15km/h, can drive over 35km after full charge, green indicator light) and a faster speed mode (maximum speed 20km/h, can drive up to 35km after full charge, red indicator light).


Long life battery - 36V, 40 pcs LG2600 cell, 10.4Ah, battery life over long distance. The high performance battery provides long battery life, designed for commuting and longer distances. Full charge takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Braking system

The SCHEUFER E-Scooter has an electric brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear, ideal for short braking distances in difficult situations even in the wet.

1. The electronic front brake: for everyday braking with easy energy recovery

2. Rear disc brake: works even when the battery is empty, grips firmly and reliably in any situation

Tyres & wheels

The E-Scooter has fully rubberised tyres (8.5 inches), which not only ensure a comfortable ride, but also eliminate the issue of flat tyres.

Digital display

The large digital LCD display gives you information about the current speed, the current battery status and the selected speed mode. 

Control buttons

Use the control buttons to activate the front headlamp, rear light, change between driving modes, activate the indicator or hazard warning lights.

LED headlight & taillight

The SCHEUFER E-Scooter has ultra-bright 1 Watt headlights with a range of up to 6 meters for additional safety. 

The powerful LED front headlamp provides perfect illumination and a long-range view in all lighting conditions. The LED tail light makes you clearly visible even at night.